Hi there!
I'm Paulo Marques,
UX/UI Designer based in Barcelona.


Senior Designer with extensive international experience, delivering creative design solutions to help drive client's businesses and create exceptional user experiences

what I do

Full Stack Designer

From creating eye-catching illustrations, defining branding and producing printed brochures to navigating the intricacies of complex UX projects, I specialize in creating memorable user experiences that resonate with both clients and their audiences.

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UX/UI Design

Crafting intuitive and visually appealing digital interfaces to optimize user experience and engagement, focusing on usability and accessibility.

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Online Marketing

Strategically leveraging digital channels like social media, SEO, email, and content marketing to promote products, services, or brands and engage with a target audience online.

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Graphic Design

Combining text and images through layout, typography, and visual elements to create designs for print or digital media, including branding and marketing materials.

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Creating and managing a distinctive identity for a product, service, or company by shaping its personality, values, and visual elements to foster recognition and loyalty.

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Designing the visual and structural aspects of product packaging, considering brand identity, consumer appeal, and practicality to communicate the product's value effectively.

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Art and Illustration

Creating visual content for artistic or communicative purposes, employing various techniques to convey ideas, emotions, or messages through impactful visual storytelling.


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Take a look at some of the projects I've worked on (pdf format) where I explain the design process and the methodology behind my work in more detail